Since ancient times, gold has been considered to be the safe haven and the trading unit upon which many generations have depended on as a basic tool for their daily dealings in sale and purchase.Since ancient times, gold has been considered to be the safe haven and the trading unit upon which many generations have depended on as a basic tool for their daily dealings in sale and purchase.

Based on our belief that gold is one of the cornerstones of the global economy and it is the best commercial and financial trading solution for individuals and companies, we have established The Cooperative Investment Bank Gold Fund and its various activities in the trade of precious metals alloy bars and bullion.

The Cooperative Investment Bank Gold Fund has a team of multinational, highly skilled and experienced traders in the local market and international markets handling the import, export, sale, purchase and actual trading of gold as well as comprehensive consulting services to our trading partners and investors.

In accordance with these standards, we urge individuals and companies to invest and save in gold and precious metals that meet international quality standards in California, USA and in London, England. 

Why invest with the Cooperative Investment Bank, Gold Fund?

The Cooperative Investment Bank, Gold Fund holds interests in nearly 200 producing, development, evaluation and exploration stage royalties and similar interests located in some of the world’s most prolific gold regions. With this high-quality portfolio, the Company maintains upside potential through any exploration successes by the operators and benefits when new reserves are discovered and produced.

The Cooperative Investment Bank Gold’s principal assets include the Anglogold Ashanti Limited, shareholders with Barrick Gold, and the Mount Michigan. These properties are all in their early years of production and have expected mine lives in the range of a decade and half and we are still expanding.

Earn up to

  285%  profits
  • in 90 days
  • 1 KG $6,300 for $24,293
  • 2 KG $12,620 for $48,587
  • 3 KG $18,930 for $72,880
  • 58% pure gold
  • 14 karats
  • Business

Earn up to  

  300% profits
  • in 180 days
  • 2 KG $16,220 for $64,880
  • 4 KG $32,440 for $129,720
  • 6 KG $48,660 for $194,640
  • 75% pure gold
  • 18 karats
  • Premium

Earn up to 

  400%  profits
  • in 365 days
  • 4 KG $43,000 for $216,400
  • 8 KG $86,560 for $432,800
  • 12 KG $129,000 for $649,200
  • 100% pure gold
  • 24 karats

  • Luxury


Yes, buying gold coins can be an excellent investment for those seeking portfolio balance. Owning gold in the form of coins, means you have the flexibility to sell small parts of your holding. Sticking to the main bullion coins such as Sovereigns, Krugerrands and Britannias, will enable you to buy at low prices and sell easily. Buying gold coins additionally benefits the investors because any gains made on the sale of the coins is free from tax.

The idea behind gold investment is that the underlying value of gold increases over time. Historically this rate of increase is higher than inflation, so the value of your investment increases in real terms. Investing in gold can take the form of physical bar and coins, gold equity funds, mining shares

Overall gold is better than cash in the bank. Fixed deposits such as bank deposits promise an explicit and predictable return. Gold investment, on the other hand, can go down or up in value and at various rates. Gold is riskier in the short term but has the ability for high returns and at a minimum, has proved to beat inflation, successfully acting as a store of wealth. Buying gold coins is also tax-free

It depends on your investment package . Each package had its respective duration 

We can mail your physical gold to anywhere in the world or send it’s fiat value to your bank account

This is a highly secured investment and considering Golds high storage of value this is your safest bet

Word from some investors

"Even in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Donald and the team still managed to get my order to me in 2 working days. Unbelievable!"

Anthony Milton
London, England

"Excellent advice and guidance about the choice of Gold. Very prompt delivery after the payment. Kept well informed. Will use again"

Elvis Duncan

"Never traded or invest in Physical Gold before so rather nervous - However I'm please I took the plunge and invested with the business package which is 3KG of 14 karat of gold - I was dealt with obligingly and as an individual. Everything was efficient. Gold arrived this morning, on time and in perfect condition. Definitely my first choice for future dealing." 

Alex Arlington
Vice chairman, Interplast
Carlifornia, USA

"What’s more is all their products are VAT FREE! Absolute blessing for collectors and investors alike!"

Alessia Mainze

"Excellent service - easy to navigate website and place order and the sovereigns arrived as promise through the letterbox a few days later."


"I have placed 3 orders for 2 different packages. Excellent service. Very easy communication via email. All questions answered in no time. Delivery on time as promised. 5 stars Thank You."

краси Beauty shop
Kiev ,Ukraine

"In view of the difficult circumstances at the present time I was suitably impressed by the ease of contact by phone & email & the honesty in the answers to the questions I had. I am proud to be a gold investor with The Cooperative Investment Bank. Highly recommended!"

Matilda Trens

"I received excellent personal support, which was very helpful for a completely new investor in Gold investments. The communication was swift and clear to understand. I made my first investment in Gold with The Cooperative Investment Bank and I am very pleased with the outcome."

Eric Appson

"The site is full of valuable and useful information, especially to new investors. The online chat is responsive and supportive. After I made the purchase I held it in my hand 72 hours later. Very satisfied with the service, thank you."


"In a world of financial uncertainty it’s great to have some of my Pension Funds invested with The Cooperative Investment Bank. I am very happy that they have proved their weight"

Caleb Williams
CEO, Sorp Ltd 

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